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Annoying Cat

Is Your Cat Annoying?

By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on Is Your Cat Annoying?

It your cat annoying? It happens a lot. Your cat sits on your paperwork or laptop keyboard, scratches and kneads, maybe even bites. Or maybe she meows loudly while looking directly at you, or jumps on your lap as soon as you sit down. Your cat might even look directly at you and then use…

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Cat Bonding

How to Bond With Your Cat

By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on How to Bond With Your Cat

Cats are independent creatures, but most feline friends want some degree of companionship from humans. Here are some tips for how to bond with your cat. Petting, of course, is the most obvious, because it can be beneficial for both the cat and the human. Is your cat kneading its paws or rubbing up against you? Those…

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cat ears

How Cat Ears, Cat Eyes & Cat Noses Communicate

By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on How Cat Ears, Cat Eyes & Cat Noses Communicate

Cats are intelligent animals, but it can be difficult to understand what your cat is trying to tell you. Cats communicate with their body language; cat ears, cat eyes, and cat noses have as much to say as their meows If your cat blinks when she’s looking at you, that means she trusts you enough to…

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Communication with your Cat

By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on Communication with your Cat

Cats are thought to be very complex and independent creatures, so understanding their method of communication can be tricky. Each cat actually develops their own unique and fascinating way of speaking to their owners. Here are some ways that your kitty may be speaking to you.     Body Language One way a cat communicates…

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iPad and iPhone Apps for Cats

By Morris Animal Inn / /

We can’t leave the cats out when it comes to technology.  If you have a bored kitty and an iPad or iPhone lying around the house, then you might enjoy trying the following apps to entertain both you and your feline.  My cat Bingley, who is a regular visitor to the Morris Animal Inn, enjoyed…

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