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Catnip or Not?

By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on Catnip or Not?

People often joke about cats getting “high” on catnip, but some people  have noticed that their cats may just ignore the catnip toys they’ve carefully picked out for them and maybe get a little disappointed that now they can’t make a cute video to garner views on social media. The Science of Catnip While it…

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Talking to Your Dog

Talking To Your Pet

By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on Talking To Your Pet

Talking to your pet helps us to bond with them. If you’re a fan of cozy mysteries, you might be familiar with the popular The Cat Who… books by late author Lilian Jackson Braun. Her main character, Jim Qwilleran, has two Siamese cats and, whenever he leaves them, he explains to them where he’s going…

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anti-social cat

My Cat Hides

By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on My Cat Hides

When a cat hides, they can have a reputation for being shy or anti-social. While that may be true for some of them, it just depends. The way cats are treated while very young has an impact. Most kittens spend approximately the first eight weeks after they are born with their mom and their family.…

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Cats mark their territory

Cats Mark Their Territory

By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on Cats Mark Their Territory

Do cats mark their territory? As much as cat owners love their cats, most are probably don’t like when their cats urinate outside of the litter box. It’s annoying, smelly, and not always easy to clean up. Our first—and possibly second and third—reaction is to be irritated and think the cat is behaving badly for some…

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Cat Bonding

How to Bond With Your Cat

By Morris Animal Inn / / Comments Off on How to Bond With Your Cat

Cats are independent creatures, but most feline friends want some degree of companionship from humans. Here are some tips for how to bond with your cat. Petting, of course, is the most obvious, because it can be beneficial for both the cat and the human. Is your cat kneading its paws or rubbing up against you? Those…

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