Pet Transportation The Safe Way

Do you know there are pet safety issues to consider during pet transportation?

When you have a baby, you often can’t leave the hospital without checking your car for proper car seat installation. Often, town car dealerships or police departments have semi-annual checks, free to the public. Everyone would like their children to be safe, and the same goes for pet transportation. It might look cute to have your dog sit with their head out the window, or on your lap and look like they’re driving, and yes, other passengers in other cars might get a kick out of it. But it’s not the best and safest way to transport your dogs.

Like human children, dog kids need to be protected while traveling. There are different options for safe pet transportation:

  • Harnesses
  • Compartment dividers
  • Gate
  • Protective steel grille

Using protective gear for your pets’ transportation not only keeps them safe, but relieves some of your worry as well. A recent study by Volvo shows that 94% of pet parents are protective of their pets. 84% think car safety isn’t talked about enough.

There are a lot of similarities to keeping children and pets safe … but the pets won’t ask “are we there yet?”

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